We have live entertainment and great specials.


Each day we strive to provide a great customer experience by working to enhance our menu offerings and elevating our service to new levels of excellence. Part of this is having live music and other entertainment, as well as daily specials and one of a kind meals that pop up every so often.  Keep a look out in this section so you don't miss anything!


Come out, enjoy a meal and some drinks and show how much you (don't) know. Joey Bill provides a great experience and the two hours go by very quickly. Prizes are awarded for each round winner, and a bigger prize is awarded for the over all night winner.

Karaoke Thursdays

Karaoke Thursdays from 7-11

Sunday Football Spectacular

Every Sunday we have football games on all the televisions as well as the big screen projector. we run sound of the game on the big screen through the house speakers.

We also run bucket, pizza, and other specials every Sunday. Free popcorn and peanuts are thrown in as well.

Come visit.